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Discover the best treasure of the Colombian Caribbean in the beaches of Sound Bay, the house is located on the first line of the beach in San Andrés Islas, with white sand and crystal clear waters. The perfect place to forget the routine.

  • Location:
    San Andrés Island, CO
  • Airport:
    Gustavo Rojas Pinilla Intl. Airport (ADZ)
  • Currency
    Colombian Peso (COP$)
  • Average temperature:
    77 ~ 84 °F
  • Languages:
    English, Español
  • To keep in mind:
    All tourists must buy the tourist card, except if the stay is less than 24 hours or travel with children under 7 years. The value is $ 112,000 Colombian pesos and must be paid in cash. The mentioned price can change without previous notice.
  • Do I require a visa?
    You must consult the list of countries to which the Colombian Government demands a visa for its citizens

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